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Finally we had a chance to finish our recording and, oh boy, make sure you take a listen! :-)

Before we list the links to the places we visited including several who stopped by our Mr. Linky last week, I wanted to put up the link for the resource Chele mentions toward the end of the show, Chele woke up on Wednesday to discover that a virus or something had completely eaten her entire computer (including her photos, I might add). Thankfully she had signed up with Mozy previously so she’s able to recreate everything from the backups there but had she not, she’d be completely lost.

So, all that to say, run, don’t walk, over to Mozy and sign up for at least the free 2GB backup but if you’ll see right there on the homepage you can sign up for the pro version and ensure that everything you need is backed up – definitely a necessity if you run a home business.

Ok, now on to the links! Make sure you visit all these folks and their photos and let them know you found them on Tell Me Thursday! Thanks for posting some great photos for us to visit this week!

From the Wordless Wednesday site:

#17 – Bunny Trails – another gorgeous shot – maybe we should have her on the show to give us photo tips? Just beautiful!

#279 – MamaBearCubs – Very fun dad and kids pics! We want to know more!

#135 – – We loved your Thursday photo as well and would love to hear the story behind both! Sorry I saw the name of your blog wrong in the recording!

Daisy the Curly Cat - comes back to us – not wordless but definitely worth a visit! You’ll see why when you take a closer look at the second photo!

#165 – The Barbour Family blog – Some kids have a teddy bear ….

#88 – – this one just made us laugh – and laugh some more!

#300 – – Just adorable!

And then from our Twitter Friends: – A sweet picture – we’d love to hear more about both people in the photo! – PJ is back with us again with another adorable picture of … donuts?

Kelly’s blog – a thirsty cutie pie! Thanks for participating again, Kelly. Even though we abuse you about your couch every week!

Real Confessions from a Real Housewife blog - Wondering why she’s so surprised? (this blog has autoplay music fyi)

Active Rain has a great pic – We’d love to hear more!

Thank you again for participating in TMT! We’ll look forward to hearing more stories this week! Don’t forget to MOZY!


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Morning everyone! Due to some technical difficulties (one of us with the flu, the other whose computer got eaten by a virus) the show will be up later today. We still want to hear your stories though so put your link on Mr. Linky there and tell us about it!

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10 Responses to “Tell Me Thursday 3/12/09”
  1. Posted my TMT for the week – a story about … “My Shoes”.

  2. Merrycricket says:

    I’m afraid I have had my own technical difficulties this week so I couldn’t get a Wordless Wednesday post up and so don’t have a Tell Me Thursday post to contribute. I hope everything gets back to normal for both of you soon and thank you for the previous mentions on your show, I appreciate it!

    I hope you enjoyed last weeks Tell Me Thursday. I should be able to participate next week. Cheers!

  3. Thanks for mentioning me on your blog. That pic is of me and my 10 year old son on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I’m not going to have a chance to participate in Tell Me Thursday this week.

  4. Hi – thanks so much for the mention!!

  5. Thanks for the link! Harley is a very, very silly kitty. He just turned one. He thought he was wearing a fancy hat and was very proud of himself. When I told him it was really a pair of underwears, he was shocked. But I think he was secretly proud to wear underwears on his head. He’s a boy.

  6. SandyCarlson says:

    Thanks for your interest in my birthday candles photo! That’s a cake my daughter made for my nephew. His father is lighting the candles.

  7. Ok, it’s my first tell me Thursday

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