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Tell Me Thursday ContestAre you ready? I mean are you REALLY ready for some serious TMT fun? We know that you are – and we are too!

It’s time to TELL us – I mean REALLY tell us here on Tell Me Thursday for our first ever Tell Me Thursday contest – and it’s a good one. So…  are you ready?

Make a video (yes, video) of yourself telling all your friends, neighbors and strangers all about Tell Me Thursday; what you love about it, how you participate, how THEY should participate – whatever you want to say. It needs to be at least 30 seconds long and no more than 4 minutes long and FAMILY FRIENDLY please.

Options for videos:
1. Your Webcam – just turn it on and GO!
2. Make a photo montage and turn it into a video over at animoto
3. Borrow your neighbor or friend’s video recorder for a few minutes
4. Visit a local video recording studio and pay $200 for a recording session (kidding!)
5. Make a slide show over at with photos and text telling us and telling your friends about Tell Me Thursday.

Then when your video is perfect, upload that baby to your youtube account (or other video sharing site) and come back here and put the link to that specific video in our Mr. Linky down below. That will be your entry into the contest.

Photobucket<— GRAND PRIZESneaky Video Pen
We’ll choose one entry to win:
A FLIP HD MINO Video Camera

Winner receives this great 2GB Spy pen with mini camcorder to catch all those great Wordless Wednesday and Tell Me Thursday moments without anyone knowing it!  Tee Hee – Just kidding — there’s no second place prize but it’s pretty cool don’t you think?

Ready to play along? Make your video on or before June 15, 2009 and link up here. Spread the word through twitter and on your blog and earn extra entries. (extra entries only count if you also have a video entry already submitted). Just link up to the blog url or twitter status URL where you tweeted the contest link.

Whoo hoo! May the best video win!  :-)

Edited to add: Mr. Linky appears to be having some problems. If you can’t leave your contest link in Mr. Linky, please leave the link to your video in the comments below. Thanks!

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24 Responses to “Contest – Tell Me Thursday Video Fun!”
  1. Melitsa says:

    This is my first vlog. Thanks for giving me the push to get started. It was so much fun. Winning that camera would be sw-e-e-t! :)

    I tweeted

  2. Tishia Lee says:

    Ok I SOOOOOOO totally have to enter this. I’m gonna have to figure out if I can make a video with my webcam (oh that would require me to find my webcam too LOL). I’m bound and determined to win this flip…I’ve only been dying to get one of those silly little things FOREVER now.

    So watch out everyone cause I’m gonna come up with something great and beat ya’ll ;-) Game on!

  3. I can’t believe nobody else has entered yet.

    Well, that’s just fine – I have a 50% chance of grabbing that Flip! LOL!

  4. Thanks for stopping by to see “la bella luna”! Cool contest but unfortunately my video camera is in the shop … how ironic … when I actually could use the prize!

  5. Chele says:

    Lisa (and anyone else that thinks they MUST use a video camera to win a video camera)…

    The beauty of this contest is you can make videos without the camera and win what you desperately need!

    If you play Wordless Wednesday, you already have everything you need – photos! Jump over to for a free account if you don’t already have one and upload your photos to make a montage video telling others about Tell Me Thursday. You can even mention where to get the full story about your video at your own site! :-)

  6. Debi says:

    Hey Guys. Thanks so much for this. You have helped me in some many ways with the contest. Besides the chance to win a Flip, which I have been wanting ever since I gave one as a gift to my daughter and future son-in-law at their engagement party. I had a blast going around videoing messages for the couple before I gave them the gift. I’ll post about the rest of ways on my 2 blogs along with the video. Thanks again.

  7. Marie says:

    I hope it’s not too late. My kids helped me put this little video together.

  8. Marie says:

    I tweeted about it too.

  9. It’s 10:32 pm Eastern time – waiting for YouTube to finish processing my first video blog! Hope I don’t get mine done too late :(
    This contest was an awesome idea ladies!

  10. Kat says:

    Oh no!! With all my life chaos I forgot to do mine. Do I still have time??

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